AH-9604-4 (WHITE) 4 Door Wardrobe

Product Dimensions :
Height 200 cm
Width 200 cm
Depth 50 cm


Product Features:
4 Door Spacious Wardrobe.
4 Lockable Doors, 4 Drawers at bottom.
One side cloth hanger.
Two sides storage shelves.
Provide ample storage space for Clothes ,essentials and belongings.
2 Mirrors on the door


Keep / store all your belongings in one place. This four-door wooden wardrobe is a simple solution for all of your storage needs. If you have too many clothes, this wardrobe will accommodate them all. It has several shelves of varying sizes. This ensures that you have enough space to hang your clothes neatly and keep them folded different sizes of shelves provide ample space to store all belongings and different stuff easily. It also includes four drawers for storing smaller items. This wardrobe is essential for easy and convenient storage.

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